Von-Lerchenfeld-Schule Bamberg

Our school:

1834 Freiherr von Lerchenfeld founded our school as a school only for deaf pupils.

Today the old school building is our day care and not all 150 pupils are completely deaf.

Our pupils today

  • Only 10% of our pupils are deaf and use sign language
  • 20 – 30% of our pupils are hard of hearing. They have hearing aids, cochlear implants and sign language is useful for them to understand
  • 70-80% of our pupils have an auditory processing disorder. Some have hearing aids at school, sign language is useful but not necessary.

To communicate well we need

  • eyecontact
  • enough light
  • clear speech
  • natural gestures
  • sometimes written messages

Our schooldays

In the morning:

  • lessons from 8.00 – 13.00
  • two breaks at 9.30 and 11.15 (~15 min)

In the afternoon :

  • we go to day care
  • we go to boarding school (both belong to our school complex)
  • we go home

At our school

  • We have small classes (max. 15 pupils)
  • We sit in semicircles
  • We have audio systems in some class rooms
  • We have carpet and curtains to reduce the noises in the classrooms
  • We have 40 teachers...

Our teachers

If we don‘t sit in our classrooms

  • We sell food during the breaks at our pupils‘ café
  • We work in our school garden
  • We play lots of sports and have won several school championships
  • We can work in our film club „Lerchenwiese Film“ that has also won lots of prices for their films
  • or work in our pupils company S.o.f.a. = Sign.objects.for.all
  • Class 5 and 6 go skiing every year to Austria
  • We have monthly school assemblies for latest news concerning our school life, or we can show what we have done during the last month!